ÖtillÖ Campaign Update – Improvise, Adapt and Overcome!

Three days after the Borås Swimrun I came off my road bike and fractured both my radius and my scaphoid. Nobody else’s fault, just late on a long hot training ride, lost concentration and screwed up (literally)!

Titanium Plate in radius, the scaphoid is the half-moon shaped bone at the base of the thumb
Nice screws – Ironman!

It has now been six weeks and the pot had come off to be replaced with this fancy brace. So now I can slowly get back into training although as of now wrist mobility is very limited.

One armed freestyle worked surprisingly well with the left arm out front superman style… and with only 8 weeks to ÖtiilÖ 1000 Lakes it isn’t out of the question that I will have to do the swim segments using only one arm. If that is the case the Boy is pulling!

Tomorrow we head to the UK for a week in the Yorkshire Dales, at least the pub-fitness has improved these last non-training weeks! 🙂

We get back on the 29th, and I have a check up x-ray on the 30th. Then looking forward to getting back into a training routine.

Fingers crossed that we can muddle our way around the 1000 Lakes course in September and then be in better shape for ÖtillÖ Malta in November.

Vi hörs! /Tom

One thought on “ÖtillÖ Campaign Update – Improvise, Adapt and Overcome!

  1. Improvise, adapt, overcome. Good slogan. I think 8 weeks should allow you to use your left arm again in swimming. Perhaps without the paddle initially.
    At least you are not doing the Honister Via Ferrata on Wednesday. ???

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