The ÖtillÖ Adventure – Part 1

ÖtillÖ – the Swimrun World Championships. Now that would be something!

 A total of 10km open water swimming and 65km trail running. One of the toughest and most beautiful endurance challenges in the world. But with raising popularity and race standards, very difficult to qualify for.

But there is another way… complete 5 world series and 2 merit races during 24 months with the same partner and you are in. A plan was hatched!

That plan, dreamt up as a supporter on the Utö finish line of the 2018 ÖtillÖ race relied on persuading my 19 year old son Max to join me. Can’t swim, can’t run… we’ve got two years… he thankfully agreed!

Our rough race plan looks something like this:

Races 2019:

1. May – Utö
2. June – Borås
3. June – Stockholm
4. September – 1000 Lakes

Races 2020:

5. April – Hvar
6. May – Utö
7. June – Scilly Isles

The Scilly Isles race and our target qualification date may well fall on my 50th birthday – big party – you are all invited.

Then of course we’d actually have to race the beast that is the World Championship ÖtillÖ race first Monday in September 2020. But let’s cross that bridge when we come to it!

Wish us luck…

We will keep you posted on our progress, training and equipment as the journey unfolds.

Always forward never back.

Tom & Max (Team Fwdmotionsthlm)