About Us

Hi! We’re Fwdmotionsthlm. Thanks for stopping by.

Tom Jenkinson, swimmer, biker, runner and occasional triathlete exploring the world of swimrun since 2011 and the senior member of the newly formed Swimrun Team Fwdmotionsthlm. Supporting athletes achieve their goals on the Bromma Sim and Stockholm City Triathlon coaching staff.

Max Jenkinson, gym rat and cross-fitter soon to see the light of what endurance sports are all about teaming up with his old man as the other half of Team Fwdmotionsthlm. Can you swim? “how do I know I’ve never tried!”. Now that’s the spirit!

We are chasing a place in the 2020 (postponed to 2021) ötillö World Championships through the 7 events in 24 months qualification condition.